Bioplastics: PolyOne offering masterbatches based on Dow’s PLA impact modifier


Plastics processors hoping to give their polylactic acid a Popeye-like extra dose of strength can turn to compound supplier PolyOne, which now is the exclusive European supplier of ready-to-use masterbatches with Dow Plastics Additives' Paraloid BPM-520. Paraloid BPM-520 and PolyOne's OnCap BIO L masterbatch were launched at PolyOne's stand at Interpack, a global trade show for the packaging industry, which opened yesterday in Düsseldorf, Germany. Outside of Europe PARALOID BPM-520 modifier is available directly from Dow as an additive in powder form.

Dow produces Paraloid BPM-520 at its facility in Jurong, Singapore; it acquired the Paraloid formulations as part of its acquisition of Rohm & Haas in 2009. PolyOne incorporates the impact modifier into its OnCap BIO Impact L masterbatches, which it markets in Europe, Asia, and South America. The Dow additive is said to help improve the impact resistance of opaque, injection molded polylactic acid (PLA) products with minimal effect on heat distortion temperature and stiffness. PLA is derived from cornstarch; its brittle nature means that for many applications, modifiers are required to improve its impact resistance. Paraloid BPM-520 is designed for use with injection molded PLA applications to improve their impact strength at room and sub-zero temperatures.
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