Bioplastic PLA compound line launched


(PCC; Calumet City, IL) has expanded its line polylactic acid (PLA) compounds, hoping to help the bioplastic expand into new applications. "The market has struggled with PLA's place," explained Timothy Workman, PCC's business development manager, noting that PLA's processing and finished-product quirks have at times hamstrung its broader acceptance.

Called SoluPLAs, PCC's range launched at MD&M West with six different grades and each one offering a different functionality, including impact modification, denested, mold release, UV absorbent, antistatic, and toned. Workman, and Joseph Byrne, VP sales and marketing at PCC told PlasticsToday that their company expects the most immediate interest to come in the impact modified and toned offerings. For the former, the material has been compounded with functional additives to boost flexibility and eliminate brittleness. In the latter, toners have been added to eliminate or mask unwanted resin colors....
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