Biobased plasticizer starts off on the right foot for Dow, Teknor Apex


Teknor Apex and Dow Chemical showcased the wares of their bio-based plasticizer collaboration at NPE2012; foot wear in this case with a vinyl sandal that utilized the Equilibrium product. Teknor's Louis Cappucci, VP of the vinyl division, told PlasticsToday that his company signed the agreement with Dow Chemical eight months ago but the two companies have been collaborating on the result, BioVinyl, since 2009.

Dow, for its part, has been working on the plasticizer since 2006, according to Dirk Zinkweg, marketing manager new segments for Dow Electrical & Telecommunications. The Ecolibrium bio-based non-phthalate plasticizer arrives at a time when many clients are hedging their bets on plasticizers, according to Cappucci.

"The last 3, 4, 5 years," Cappucci said, "a lot of customers said we better do something just in case," noting a big ramp up in interest in non-phthalate plasticizers over the last 3-4 years in particular....
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