Biobased materials symposium corrals industry from end-to-end


Bio-based plastics could replace 90% of all petroleum-based ones. Will it ever actually happen? That was among the big questions being debated at the recent Biobased Performance Materials symposium in the Netherlands, which pulled in experts from all along the value chain, from universities and materials suppliers through to processors and brand owners.

For the Biobased Performance Materials (BPM) symposium on June 15 in Wageningen, the Netherlands, speakers from companies and institutes participating in the BPM consortium presented research results, applications and products illustrating the state of the art in biobased materials today. The day was chaired by Jan Noordegraaf, director of Synbra Technology, a Dutch company and one of Europe's leading processors of expandable polystyrene (EPS) packaging and insulation. The company won its spurs in the field of biobased materials with the development of PLA foam....
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