BioAmber to open biochemical/bioplastics plant in Ontario


BioAmber Inc. has selected Sarnia, ON as the location for its first North American biosuccinic acid plant, with an initial capacity of 17,000 tonnes that will be commissioned in 2013. Working through its subsidiary Bluewater Biochemicals, BioAmber said permitting work for the plant was initiated in June 2011. BioAmber currently produces and sells biobased succinic acid from a 3000-tonne capacity plant in France.

BioAmber plans to double capacity in Sarnia by 2014 through the introduction of a next‐generation yeast being developed with Cargill. BioAmber also plans to produce 1,4‐Butanediol (BDO) on the site, using technology exclusively licensed from DuPont that converts succinic acid to BDO, a chemical with a $4 billion existing market. The goal is for the Sarnia plant to produce 35,000 tonnes of biosuccinic and 23,000 tonnes of biobased BDO at its peak....
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