BioAmber offers further detail on Mitsui succinic acid and BDO ventures


BioAmber and Mitsui & Co. announced that the initial phase of their Sarnia, ON facility is expected to have production capacity of 17,000 tonnes of biosuccinic acid and commence commercial production in 2013. In addition, the companies announced plans to jointly build and operate two additional facilities that, together with Sarnia, will have a total cumulative capacity of 165,000 tons of succinic acid and 123,000 tons of butane diol (BDO). BioAmber will be the majority shareholder in the plants.

The first of the two other facilities will be located in Thailand, and is projected to come on line in 2014. Partners BioAmber and Mitsui & Co are currently undertaking a feasibility study with PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited, a joint venture established between Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and PTT Public Company Limited. BioAmber and Mitsui & Co. also plan to build and operate a third plant, located in either North America or Brazil, which will be similar in size to the Thailand project.
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