BioAmber’s new facility now ramping up to commercial scale


Following the commissioning and opening at the beginning of August of BioAmber’s joint venture with Mitsui & Co. Ltd in Sarnia (Ontario), BioAmber has now announced that the first shipments of its biobased succinic acid have now been made to customers. The Sarnia facility, said the company is “operating its manufacturing process at commercial scale, meeting a significant company milestone.”

At the Sarnia facility, succinic acid is produced via a fermentation process that makes use of a proprietary yeast, that BioAmber has licensed exclusively from Cargill. Although originally developed to produce lactic acid, the yeast was found to be able to ferment at a low pH and, contrary to other organisms that were experimented with, to tolerate high concentrations of succinic acid. BioAmber and Cargill collaborated closely on the development of this yeast technology, which is now, said BioAmber, performing better than the company had dared hope.
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