Best practices for mold manufacturers


Care to learn what the top mold manufacturers do to be successful? A few shared their secrets at the recent AMBA Annual Convention.

Successful mold manufacturers make continual improvement a part of their business practices. A few shared their best practices in the Best Practices for Moldmakers session at the recent annual convention of the American Mold Builders Association.

Andy Baker, Project Manager for Byrne Tool & Die Inc. - Byrne Tool is a 16-person mold shop in Rockford, MI, that has become more successful and profitable by implementing Lean processes. In fact, Baker said that the company has reduced its lead times on molds by 25%. "It's nothing new that we've created. We just implemented what we've learned," he said. "Good is the enemy of better. We need to improve the process through Lean manufacturing and the people through organizational development."

Implementing Lean requires "commitment and strategic focus" to align the work with your goals, Baker told attendees. Byrne's strategy focused on several aspects: working together to eliminate waste throughout the organization; better organizational development; improved product development; customer intimacy; and being "global" - "We're your local partner with global value," Baker said....
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