Berry Plastics to spend $31 million for new infrastructure and equipment

Berry Plastics says it will invest approximately $31 million for new infrastructure and equipment, and will also transfer existing equipment from other Berry Plastics facilities. The project will begin in early 2014 and will result in the addition of more than 330 production jobs, over the next two years, at the company's downtown Evansville, Evansville Regional Airport, Princeton, and Richmond facilities located within Vanderburgh, Gibson, and Wayne counties in Indiana.

Back in November, Berry announced the closure and consolidation of three of its factories, including an engineered materials plant in Houston, TX, a flexible packaging plant in Kent, WA and a rigid open top plant in Alsip, IL. Production currently taking place at the three facilities will be transferred to other Berry Plastics facilities located within the U.S. The company is evaluating the closure of two additional factories that have not yet been announced, a company spokesperson told PlasticsToday.

"The relocation of production equipment to Vanderburgh, Gibson, and Wayne counties from other Berry facilities supports our restructuring efforts, announced in November 2013, to optimize our manufacturing operations, maximize production efficiencies, and best service our customers," said Jon Rich, chairman and CEO of Berry Plastics, in a news release. "We are extremely appreciative of Indiana's city, county, and state officials and other partners such as GAGE and Vectren for their joint support of this initiative."

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