Bericap edible-oil closures 50% lighter


Bericap has cut the weight of closures for edible oils in 1-liter bottles by 50%, developing a range for 26-mm neck diameters that weigh only 1.37g compared to 2.74g. Bericap said the move was in response to an industry shift. In the past, the heavier closures were needed on the standard 29/21 neck for 1-liter containers when they were meant to fit glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. Today, edible oils are primarily supplied in PET.

Bericap said the inner diameter of the new neck is identical to the previous 29mm diameter, eliminating the need for modifications to filling nozzles at the filler while still providing the same flow rate. The company achieved the dramatic weight savings by cutting the inner diameter and the cap height. After converting their 29/21 neck finish PET bottles into a Bericap light-weighted 26/21 closure range in Western Europe, Cargill has also converted to a 26/21 lightweight PET neck finish in Brazil. That country is typically ranked as the third largest edible oil market in the world, after the U.S. and China and before India...
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