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Bericap: O2 scavenging closure for Chinese beer bottles

Martens China, part of Belgian brewer Martens (Bocholt), and its Japanese counterpart Suntory (Tokyo) have started up a filling line in China for bottles with the PCO 1881 international standard neck, filling beer in PET barrier bottles and using "DoubleSeal SuperShorty” O2 scavenging closures from Bericap (Budenheim / Germany; www.bericap.com).

The closure absorbs oxygen in the headspace above the beer on one side and stops ingress of oxygen on the other. It has been developed with a crown cork design, which looks very similar to the traditional beer crown cork and helps maintain the quality of the bottled beer. When used in combination with Bericap´s Double Seal Supershorty closures, the new closure allows for feedstock savings of up to 30%.

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