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Benzo three triazole ultraviolet absorbent and its

Benzo three triazole ultraviolet absorbent and its current development situation of modified varieties introduced
Introduction of benzo three triazole ultraviolet absorbent the development survey and its modified varieties, it is pointed out that the field was a high molecular weight, multifunction and reactivity of aspects of development, some of which have been industrialized and varieties for the plastics industry. At the same time, also introduces the benzo three triazole ultraviolet absorbent synthesis method. Key words: light stabilizer; benzo three triazole; ultraviolet absorbent; azo pigments with high polymer material application field expands, ultraviolet absorbent polymer additives in the status of the more prominent. Seek the efficient, health, cheap and meet the demanding processing and application conditions of ultraviolet absorbent new breed, new industry structure is always the pursuit of the goal. Benzo three triazole UV absorber is the most varieties, yield the largest, in next to a hindered amine light stabilizers for plastics ( HALS ) of the second major varieties in polymer stabilizers, occupy the important position in. In the early nineteen sixties that started to develop this kind of product,1964, Tianjin Institute of synthetic materials began to conduct research in the field,1968 according to the research results, the state has invested in Tianjin force biochemical factory production of ultraviolet absorbent UV-327. With the development of economy, China has at present, the manufacturers of about 10, the annual output of about2000t. Tianjin Institute of synthetic materials in the field for a more in-depth study of [1-4], and the throw industrialized production. East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing College of Engineering Institute of chemical engineering, Tongji University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other units are the field research work.