Bending little green army men into a different kind of warrior pose


Yoga Joes are not your father's little green army men. No sir. A contemporary riff on the toy box staple, these plastic figurines will soon be available to the general public thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Dan Abramson, founder of Brogamats, a company that designs and manufactures yoga bags and mats in manly-man patterns (think burritos and lumberjack plaid), came up with the Yoga Joes concept as a way to raise awareness of yoga "in a way other than from a yoga class. What if yoga could be transmitted through a toy?" Abramason wrote on his Kickstarter page. The campaign was wildly successful, raising more than $108,000, well beyond the $40,000 goal. "In order to make Yoga Joes a toy that people can easily afford, I need funding to create a metal mold, so that the figures can be made through plastic injection," said Abramson. "This is an expensive upfront cost, and so this idea needs to be supported by a community of yoga fans who believe that it deserves to exist." Abramson found his cohort, and then some.

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