Bench-top hand-operated molding machine wants to go bigger


The company behind the bench-top hand-operated injection molding machine that launched in November 2011 and has seen 60 units sold is now trying to find funding for a larger, upgraded model. LNS Technologies, the company that introduced the PIM-Shooter Model 20A is now hoping to launch the PIM-Shooter Model 150A, seeking investors on Kickstarter, the popular crowd-funding site (Kickstarter video at bottom).

"Many potential customers have been asking for a similar low-cost injection machine to the Model 20A, but with a larger shot capacity," PIM-Shooter creator John Warobi told PlasticsToday. "The new model is larger so that it makes bigger items."

In addition to an increase in its size, the newest version is also a self-contained unit, eliminating the need for the drill press, which was the operating mechanism for the Model 20A.
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