Belgium plans to make some noise at World Cup


I'm not about to predict how far Belgium will advance in the World Cup in Brazil next month, but the country could be making a lot of noise in the bleachers. The Belgian-designed diabolica might be the noisemaker of the 2014 games, if the manufacturer's claims of a "flood of orders coming from all over the world" are to be believed.

The trumpet-like device has been a big hit at soccer games in Belgium, and it has an opportunity to repeat that success in Brazil, given that the vuvuzela that gained global notoriety at the 2010 games is most definitely not welcome and that the home-grown noisemaker, the caxirola, has run into some problems of its own, as we chronicled in an article earlier this month, "Remember the vuvuzela? Meet the caxirola."

Named after Belgium's Red Devils soccer team, the diabolicas are molded from polypropylene at a plant in Madrid and assembled and packed in Mons, Belgium.
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