Bayer highlights flexibility of rigid polyurethane systems


While the material polyurethane may normally be associated with foam, it has a much more diverse array of uses when coupled with various processing techniques, as evidenced by the presence of Bayer MaterialScience LLC at the recent Composites 2013 exhibition in Orlando, Florida. From filament winding to long-fiber injection molding, polyurethanes can be processed in a variety of ways to meet the many needs of manufacturers serving a broad range of markets according to Bayer.

Long-fiber injection technology (LFI) provides manufacturers and designers a wide breadth of options. LFI can produce parts with nearly vertical walls, as well as very large parts not currently possible through other common manufacturing processes. LFI allows designers to decorate parts inside the mold using a polyurethane elastomer skin, two-component polyurethane paints, films, fabric or vinyl skins. To demonstrate LFI, Bayer featured applications created using the LFI process: a complete harvester roof made on the largest LFI press in the world, and spa cabinet sections from Dynasty Spas, all produced by Romeo RIM.
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