Bayer celebrates 150th anniversary


Leverkusen—The Bayer Group is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2013 with numerous events around the world. These will focus on its more than 110,000 employees globally. Celebration events are also planned for the company's neighbors, customers and partners and a symposium is to be held for the scientific community in the fall.

Two of the planned highlights of the celebration were launched at the Financial News Conference held in Leverkusen on Feb. 28. The first was immediately visible on arrival at BayKomm, Bayer's Communication Center in Leverkusen, Germany: hovering aloft was the blue and green Bayer airship complete with the Bayer Cross, which was especially built to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company and will be deployed to five continents to accompany the various events taking place around the world; the second, a traveling exhibition that visualized topics related to health care, agriculture and high-performance materials, was set up inside the BayKomm building. The exhibits - microscopes, thermal imaging cameras, digital games and many more - have been designed specifically to be touched and tried out, encouraging visitors to interact with the displays. The exhibition is scheduled to visit more than 20 sites throughout the world. ...
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