Battery business charges up Kramski


Metal stamping and overmolding specialist, Kramski North America Inc. (Largo, FL) has installed a new 140-ton Arburg 420C Allrounder to injection mold cases, covers, and buttons for the new RxEnergy NeverDie Series of sterilizable lithium battery packs for use in orthopedic power tools used in surgery. The job is the first of two in the battery market that Kramski recently landed, with both prompting capital investments, according to Glenn Shaw, director of sales.

Kramski is also stamping the beryllium-copper contact terminals for the RxEnergy battery in-house assembling all components of the battery packs, and charging, testing, and bar coding each finished assembly. This battery technology enters the market as a replacement to standard nickel cadmium batteries, with several purported benefits, including lighter weight, longer life, and faster charging.
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