Battenfeld-cincinnati showcases energy-efficient extrusion at open house in China


In conjunction with the recent Chinaplas trade show, battenfeld-cincinnati China (Shunde) organized two demonstrations, presenting two lines in production: A high-output line for 400-mm gas pipe extrusion and a LeanEX high-speed line for 20-mm PE-RT pipe running at a line speed of 40 m/min. Both lines showcased technical competence and energy efficiency in production, said the company.

More than 200 visitors went to the Shunde plant for presentations and extrusion line demonstrations. The 400-mm solEX 75 single-screw extruder for gas-pipe production has a standard AC motor that offers 20% energy savings compared with a DC motor and achieves 1,200 kg/hour output with a noise level below 80 db.

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