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Micron Baryte Series
Natural Barytes – White Natural Barium Sulphate

Baryte is a naturally occurring mineral consisting of Barium Sulphate (BaSO4). The word Baryte is derived from a Greek word meaning heavy. The main properties of Barytes include high specific gravity (4.5), low solubility and non-toxic nature. It is chemically and physically non-reactive.

Micron Barytes is a grade name of Baryte series, manufactured by 20 Microns Limited. MICRON BARYTES is micronised from a high purity natural baryte source, originating with high brightness from selected reserves for applications in the paints & coating, pigments etc where purity, fineness, high spacific gravity, brightness, acoustic, good UV barrier properties, low heavy, metal content are important.Micron Barytes with its unique particle structure & size distribution aids in enhanced closed packing. Micron Barytes series are white & natural Barium sulphate having nodular structure of the particle.Micron Barytes has the highest density among all the extender pigment.It is inert in acids as well as alkalis and extremely insoluble in water.

Natural Barytes are generally categorized into two different grades viz. Snow White and Off-color Barytes. Snow white Barytes is mainly used in the Paint, Paper, Rubber and Chemical industry, while the Off-color Barytes is used in the Oil and Gas drilling operations. 20 Microns Limited caters to the need of the Snow-white grade of Barytes.

Specific Properties – Micron Barytes

Low oil absorption
High refractive index
Excellent dispersibility due to finer particle size
Good resistant to weathering and chemical
Good filling power
High gloss