Barrier packaging technology now offered in North America


New to North America is a technology for improving the barrier properties of plastics packaging. Developed by German company Cavonic 3D Coating Technologies, the technology is being marketed in North America by Rick Schaffer, former president of injection molding machine maker Netstal Machinery, who now runs his own plastic packaging consultancy called InterTech Rx (Lancaster, MA).

Cavonic's process and technology utilizes advanced coating technologies to add an impermeable barrier coating to rigid plastic containers. The process involves 3D in-line vacuum coating with various PVD or PECVD coatings. These coating systems provide a low-cost option with solid barrier and similar hermetic property to glass, and the application unit can be integrated into established injection molding cells. The coating is trade named eco-shield, Applications can be far-reaching but likely ones include those requiring an extended shelf life. ...
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