Baring all has its consequences


Should moldmakers give away all their secrets to their OEM customers? How much is your intellectual property worth?

Several times this year I've heard speakers at various seminars tell moldmakers that to win more business they need to provide more information with their quotes. That includes a detailed explanation of why you priced the mold like you did, a list of mold components that you are including, what makes this design better than another moldmaker's design, how can the OEM benefit from this mold design (reduced cycle times, better quality, elimination of secondary operations, etc.), and why you should win the work.

Most mold manufacturers would call this type of information "intellectual property" and be reluctant to provide this level of detail to the OEM. Why? Because many have been burned in the past by OEM engineers who take all of that information - the intellectual property of mold manufacturer A - to the low bidder (moldmaker B) and demand that they build a mold with all of these features for the lower quoted price....
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