Balda: Share price development wit brilliant comeback 2009

By returning to profitability and securing its funding in the fall of 2009, Balda AG has pulled off a brilliant performance in its share price development. The shares of the mobile phone supplier, listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, opened in 2009 at a price of 0.52 euros. In the course of the year the price of the stock exploded by 571 percent and at year-end amounted to 3.49 euros. This comeback made the stock to one of the upward climbers of the year in the Prime Standard segment. The stock continues its good performance in 2010 (closing price on Friday, 15 January 2010: 3,89 euros).

2009 Balda trade volume (Frankfurt and Xetra) totalled approximately 48.6 million shares. With the publication of the turnaround, the stock market turnover in the fourth quarter alone amounted to approximately 23.3 million shares or 63.1 million euros. In the past fiscal year Balda increased its market capitalization by 160.3 million euros to 189 million euros (previous year: 28.7 million euros).

With respect to market capitalisation Balda climbed from the 109th position at 31 October to the 83rd at year-end 2009 in the official ranking of the Prime Standard segment (total of 374 companies). With reference to the stock market turnover Balda reached the 69th position as of 31 December 2009 (previous month: 80th). The replacement of the indices by the German Stock Exchange and in particular the SDax on 3 March 2010 is eagerly awaited by capital market experts.

About Balda
The Balda Group develops and produces complete plastic assemblies, electronic products and products for the medical industry. The customers of Balda are leaders in business from the mobile, entertainment and electronic communications as well as pharmaceutical and medical technology markets.

The group has an international position with product sites in China, Malaysia, India and Germany. A subsidiary in the United States serves North American customers in product design and development. As part of a shareholding in a leading manufacturer of touch screens in China, Balda participates in the dynamic touch screen displays market.

More Information: www.balda.de