Bag converter never wavers on new idea


Introduced in 2003 but still gathering steam in the market are Tug & Tote bags, a patented way to simplify supermarkets' logistics with produce bags while also improving customers' experience. The processor and converter, Waverly Plastics, took time to listen to and learn from its customers, and the effort has paid off many times over.

The bags are replacement for produce bags hanging from an open roll, still the most common way for bags to be presented to customers by supermarkets. Rose Van Nieuwenhuyzen, CEO at Waverly, learned in her talks with produce managers about problems they associated with traditional bags on open dispensers. "They noticed that even if a display had 10 or 15 bags left, their employees would replace the roll, either to avoid having to make an extra trip or to ensure that they didn't forget to do it later," she recalls. ...
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