Baerlocher: Reducing Emissions in the PVC Flooring Industry

Baerlocher announces the launch of a novel Ca/Zn stabilizer to further improve indoor air quality, in order to meet more stringent requirements.

Baerostab LOW-VOC is a range of Ca/Zn solid and paste products, successfully introduced in the manufacture of Plastisols for PVC flooring.

Baerostab LOW-VOC supports the use of PVC for flooring with greatly reduced VOC emissions whilst retaining all of the performance benefits of traditional liquid stabilizers for this application.

PVC plastisols utilizing Baerostab LOW-VOC stabilizers are SOLVENT, PHENOL and ETHYLHEXANOIC ACID FREE with the added benefit of achieving plastisol viscosity properties equal to those seen with traditional liquid stabilizers.

Baerostab LOW-VOC is suitable for use in filled, pigmented and transparent plastisols with its primary application in the stabilization of topcoat flooring.

Baerostab LOW-VOC is REACH friendly, cost effective and helps to improve the quality of the air we breathe.