B&C take two: A conversation with Klaus Kaufmann


Population growth and climate change have turned water into a scarce resource. The infrastructure measures required to meet the resulting demand over the long term imply higher sales of plastics products, such as pipes. The top executive at one of the world's leading extrusion systems companies, Klaus Kaufmann, managing director Unicor GmbH (Hassfurt, Germany), shared in an exclusive interview with MPW his insight into the construction industry. Kaufmann's company specializes in corrugator systems.

MPW: From your perspective as managing director of a globally active extrusion systems manufacturing company, what trends currently are impacting the construction industry?

Kaufmann: The international construction industry tends to prefer German machinery technology, despite the growing numbers of cheap suppliers from Asia. The main reasons are the durability, reliability, and precision of our machines, with which even tight product tolerances are safeguarded over a long period. The majority of pipe manufacturers...
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