BPA in packaging: Market outlook, PC alternatives, ongoing lawsuits


One of the strengths of polycarbonate is its toughness, combined with transparency, and a high-temperature resistance. But despite that toughness, polycarbonate has taken a major hit when it comes to packaging demand.

Negative publicity has had a detrimental impact on the packaging sector worldwide, especially with the introduction of legislation banning the use of polycarbonate in containers intended for children, but also due to pre-emptive actions by producers and retailers, according to a recent IHS Chemical global market study.

"Even though polycarbonate hasn't officially been banned from food packaging, individual states have banned polycarbonate in baby bottles," said Adrian Beale, director of global engineering plastics at IHS Chemical. "While scientific evidence is not conclusive at the moment, due to general public perception, the packaging market began moving away from polycarbonate containers a few years ago."
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