BMS launches 2K PU waterborne technology for sealers

According to BMS, applicators want a product with chemical and stain resistance, low odour, long-term performance, ease of use, and concrete penetration. Bayer developed a two-component (2K), polyurethane waterborne technology for sealers that offers a number of advantages over currently available concrete sealer products, including:

Better ease of useImproved durabilityLow odourIncreased service lifeLow VOCs (below 15 g/l)
Steven Reinstadtler, construction marketing manager for coatings at BMS, says that this 2K PU waterborne technology guards against stains as it is resistant to a wide range of household and industrial chemicals or staining agents.

"There are three types of flooring - decorative stained, diamond polished and colour-pigmented concrete - that are becoming popular and sustainable flooring options and could use a sealer," says Reinstadtler. "These types of floors are increasingly being installed in higher visibility venues where aesthetics matter, and the 2K PU waterborne technology for sealers from Bayer protects the flooring while also preserving its aesthetics."

The various types of stained and polished flooring on which the sealer would be applied are often found in commercial and retail spaces, such as hotel lobbies and restaurants. The technology is primarily applied to indoor surfaces, but is also appropriate for outdoor applications, says the company.