BKG: Specialist for underwater pelletizing systems grows again

BKG Bruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik GmbH, a member of the KREYENBORG Group, Muenster, Germany, is pleased to announce that expansion of our Muenster facilities is being carried out.

A completely new level has been added to our headquarter offices. The building has been increased from 2 floors to 3 floors.

In the new floor of the company's offices they have created additional 420 m² dedicated to the technical handling of the extensive projects. This will accommodate the team of designers and also the specialist die plate development team.

BKG moved to their purpose built manufacturing and headquarters facility in September 2001. Thanks to growing demand for BKG underwater pelletizers from around the world this is the third expansion of the facility that has been carried out to cope with the steadily increasing demand for the companies pelletizer systems.