Uniloy Milacron Srl

BIGGER IS BETTER! High-cavitation machines for consumer packaging

Modern and efficient machines with many cavities are an effective solution to reduce the cost of the blow-molded items. This philosophy is well recognized in the consumer packaging industry, where millions of containers per month are often required. To comply with this need, Uniloy Milacron Srl (Italy) has recently introduced new “jumbo” models, both in the continuous extrusion series and in the injection blow molding series. These new machines – delivered to prestigious multinational companies in Europe and USA – are the biggest available in the respective technological sectors.
UMS 500
A stroke of 1350 mm and a clamp force of 50 tons put this machine in the top rank of the continuous extrusion “shuttle” technology. Configurations up to 14+14 cavities (90 mm center distance) are available, as well as coextrusion up to 7 layers. In spite of such huge numbers, the machine features a compact footprint (7.5 x 7.5 m). Several UMS 500-D have been already delivered by Uniloy Milacron Srl for detergency and motor oil applications, most of them equipped with In-Mold-Labeling systems on both sides of the packaging.
UMIB 250
The largest injection blow-molding machine ever built in the world has been delivered by Uniloy Milacron Srl to a major US pharmaceutical customer. With a trigger bar of 1524 mm, it is designed to accommodate 2 standard molds side-by-side, for yearly productions exceeding 60 millions bottles. The machine can be equipped with 2 injectors and run 2 different molds, combining the advantage of a single machine (compact footprint, reduced manpower, energy efficiency) with a great production versatility.