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Five layer Co- Extruded Blown Film Line

Post show Press release K 2013
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12th September, 2013


Buying a standard Blown Film line, is a concept of the past, a range to choose from (Economic, Balanced and Advanced) with enormous flexibility within the range helps you PICK just the right machine to fit your needs; this revelation from Rajoo, will completely redefine the market dynamics.

The distinction continues at K 2013 as well! At K 2013, Rajoo would proclaim to the world its unique business approach for processors and convertors as a ‘One Stop Solution Provider’. The pre-sale consultative approach will come with a newer dimension
Post show Press release K 2013

when customers will be updated with the three broad solution categories offered by Rajoo for Blown Film lines – Economical, Balanced and Advanced. Named simply to suit their positioning, each of the ranges comes with adequate options for further personalisation.

Every solution comes with different price-points. Very clearly, the Economical Model (produced mostly indigenously) provides the best value proposition to the buyer. ‘It is very important to understand needs. You would be surprised to know that 80% of the films can be very conveniently produced on the economical model itself’, says Sunil Jain, President, Rajoo Engineers. ‘Anyway, buying a standard Blown Film line is a subject of the past. It is time for you to PICK just the right machine to fit your needs; this revelation from Rajoo, will completely redefine the market dynamics’, adds Sunil.

The Balanced Model is an intelligent hybrid of localised manufacture along with critical components sourced from the collaborators - Hosokawa Alpine, Germany. The natural extension being the Advanced Model, completely sourced from Hosokawa Alpine, Germany, which competes with the best in the world. Balanced and Advanced Models are offered in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania.
The endeavour here is to highlight that features and flexibilities all come at a price. Prudence needs to be exercised by the buyer before he decides; it is important to clearly segregate needs from wants and desires. This is more so important when the quality of the output (your film) is not so affected by the economics of the options available.

While lowering your capital expenditure, the Economical Model will also provide you with the necessary nimbleness to upgrade and adapt to newer technologies with a minimal fuss.

Technical Snapshot

A specification synopsis of each category is indicated here to serve as a quick buying aid.

Major Assemblies- Economical/ Balanced /Advanced

  1. Material conveying,blending and gsm control           European or Indian /European /European

  2. Complete Extruders with gear box and motors - Rajoo/ Alpine/ Alpine

  3. Die - Rajoo/ Alpine /Alpine

  4. Air ring - Rajoo/ Alpine/ Alpine

  5. Automatic thickness control - European/ Alpine /Alpine

  6. Caliberating basket - Rajoo/ Rajoo /Alpine

  7. Oscillating haul-off - Rajoo /Rajoo /Alpine

  8. Tower - Rajoo/ Rajoo/ Rajoo

  9. Winder - Rajoo /Rajoo /Alpine

  10. Process control European/ European /Alpine


During a recent Open House conducted in India that showcased the Economical and Advanced Models, Rajoo received an overwhelming response from the Indian polymer industry who appreciated this understanding. With the success of this event, Rajoo pays a tribute to its founder and mentor Late Mr. Chandrakant N Doshi.

With K 2013, it is the world which will take cognizance of this highly beneficial approach…looking forward to seeing you at our booth Stand B-58, Hall 15.

The machine on display at K will be the Economical Model with the following salient features:

 Roller width : 1600 mm

 Output for barrier film : 350 kg/hour

 Extruder -60 / 40 / 40 / 40 / 60 with barrier screw, special           mixing section for homogeneous melt and direct coupled             motor to reduce transmission losses

 Feed section with MTC to maintain temperature of grooved           feed section

 Specially designed five layer CSD (Cylindrical Spiral Die)             400mm die head with rheologically optimized melt flow path

 Internal Bubble Cooling with 3 ultrasonic sensors

 360º oscillating haul-off with dynamically balanced turning bar     and CFR rollers for excellent thickness randomization

 Fully automatic duel station FLEXIWIND surface/centre/gap winder in back to back arrangement with trim winder

 Material Conveying, 14 Component gravimetric batch blending     and gsm control system from Plastcontrol, Germany

 Automatic thickness control system with capacitive C-Scan           non- contact sensor and automatic air-ring PROCON

 Integrated supervisory touch screen control system from             Plastcontrol, Germany

 Web Guiding System from E+L

 Corona Treater from SOFTAL

About Rajoo

Based in Rajkot, Rajoo Engineers Limited, having made a modest beginning in 1986, has today emerged as an undisputed global player in blown film and sheet extrusion lines. Owing to its focused efforts in blown film, sheet extrusion lines and thermoformers, the Company enjoys premium market position in this segment. Being a technology driven Company, product innovations, adaptation, world-class quality, state-of-the-art workmanship, increased energy efficiency and high levels of sophistication and automation have become the hallmark of Rajoo products during all these years, positioning the Company's products on a global platform, competing with the established world leaders. With representations in many countries of the world and customers in over 53 countries, the Company's exports have multiplied after its debut in the international market in 1990. (www.rajoo.com)