BBG launches two new mould carrier systems

The BFT-U has been specifically designed for the encapsulation of large mouldings. It is equipped with two 2,600 x 2,000 mm mounting plates that are suited for moulds up to the same size. The stroke is 1,900 mm. The customer application is based on moulds with a mass of 20,000 kg but the BFT-U has been designed for even heavier mould masses. The maximum closing force is 3,000 kN. Four hydraulic cylinders, which form the basis of the design, impart a high degree of stability to the mould carrier system, which reaches a total height of almost 6.5 m. The BFT-U is used by a Thuringia-based customer for the production of large fairings for passenger cars in a polyurethane-composite spray moulding (PUR-CSM) process. The spray-moulding technology for polyurethane developed by Hennecke is based on fibres made of glass or natural materials such as hemp, sisal and flax for manufacturing thin-walled, extremely lightweight automotive mouldings that offer a high degree of bending strength, or components of high finish quality.

The BFT-P V4 16x11, a further development of the tried-and-tested BFT-P, was delivered to Hennecke, too, but this time to their production facility at Sankt Augustin in Rhineland. The mould carrier system, which was set up at the pilot plant of BBG's partner company, has been designed for a wide range of applications and system demonstrations, involving above all the encapsulation of components with fibre-reinforced polyurethane. The mould carriers offer ideal ergonomics for any work on the mould since it is easily accessible from every side. This is due to the particular maneuverability of the BFT-P V4. Features include four independently controlled axes, a swiveling turret that can be inclined by up to 30 degrees to the front and rear, and mould mounting plates that can be swiveled independently in infinitely variable steps by a maximum of 40 degrees at the bottom and by up to 90 degrees at the top. The design allows for smooth robot integration at the rear.

The BFT-P V4 features two mounting plates sized 1,600 x 1,100 mm, which have been designed for a two-piece mould with a total weight of up to 2.5 tonnes. Installation heights are infinitely variable, ranging from 400 to 900 mm. The closing force amounts to 400 kN. The full stroke of 1,300 mm can be run in four seconds.

A high degree of productivity is ensured by short movement times thanks to time-optimised processes, and by the ease of use and the ease of programming based on the teach-in process. Furthermore, the exchange of energy between the various axle drives renders the BFT-P V4 particularly energy-efficient.

When equipped with magnetic mounting plates, the mould carrier system offers particularly short set-up times as any, even non-standardised moulds can be changed within less than six minutes. Magnetic quick-clamping fixtures facilitate the efficient production of even small batch sizes or a wide range of components. The moulds can of course also be secured with mechanical or hydraulic fixtures, which are offered by BBG, too.