BBG at the solarpeq and glasstec trade shows

BBG is involved in the development and production of frame modules made of polyurethane, the manufacturing of tools, prototypes and end-to-end production lines. The company will showcases a range of applications at the trade show, including solar thermal energy, photovoltaics and hybrid elements made by various manufacturers for retrofits, photovoltaic shingles by Koramic company and, for the first time, the integral "detiga" roof system, which is also installed directly on the roof structure. It consists of matching elements of energy-producing and purely insulating components, which together form an integrated end-to-end outer layer. The programme comprises the active "solar thermal energy" and "photovoltaics" modules and the passive "insulation" component for all other roof areas.

Furthermore, the company displays solar thermal energy, photovoltaics and combination modules with polyurethane frames and fastening elements. The Solar-PUR-Flush technology developed by BBG allows for encapsulating inserts, joints and electronic components in plastic frames, thus protecting them against any mechanical damage and corrosion. The "edgeless technology" provides for a smooth transition between the frame and the module without creating the edges in which dirt accumulates, thus maximising energy yield.

With TopTherm 90, the company showcases the world's first ultra-energy saving standard window with a frame and a profile core made of polyurethane. With a depth of only 90 mm and triple glazing, the window achieves a heat insulation value of 0.8 W/m²K. The production technologies for system bar profiles were developed by BBG and are available for use in new windows.

Within the framework of the "glass technology live" special show, BBG will give two presentations to provide insight into the innovations developed by the company. Project manager Gerhard Hörtrich will be talking about "Efficient production technologies for window systems made of polyurethane" while Hans Brandner, BBG's managing partner, will be focussing on "Technologies for flexible PUR frames in solar modules, using passive and active roof modules as an example".