BASF introduces functional film pharma packaging


Plastic film featuring three different functional layers is being used as a new packaging concept by BASF for a pharmaceutical excipient called Kollidon, which is made of polyvinylpyrrolidone. (PVP).

Referred to as PeroXeal, the new multi-layered and heat-sealed plastic film will protect Kollidon against contact with oxygen, making it possible to significantly reduce the peroxide level of the material, according to BASF.

"With PeroXeal, BASF is setting new standards for excipients in terms of formula stability and purity and can thus help its customers in the pharmaceuticals industry achieve higher levels of patient safety," says Dr. Boris Jenniches, head of Global Business Management PVP at BASF. "With our new packaging concept we can significantly reduce peroxide values to a level comparable with that of naturally-based raw materials. This makes Kollidon a viable alternative."...
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