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BASF: PA prices up in US, engineering plastics in Europe

Effective 29 March 2010, BASF Corporation (Florham Park, New Jersey / USA; www.basf.com/usa) intends to raise the price of polyamide (PA) in the US. The hike of USD 0.09/lb will affect all PA 6 and PA 6.6 grades as well as PA 6/PA 6.6 copolymers and applies to both fibre extrusion materials and ready-to-use engineering compounds.

BASF (Ludwigshafen / Germany; www.basf.de) had informed its European clients in a letter sent out during February 2010 that, effective 1 March 2010, it would raise the prices of engineering thermoplastics – specifically PBT, POM and PA 6 – by EUR 200/t. The price of PA 6.6 was raised by EUR 350/t.

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