BASF: ABS/PA Terblend N with improved flow in speaker grilles

The especially easy-flowing ABS/PA brand Terblend® N NM 21 EF marketed widely by BASF in 2010 has found its first high-volume application in automobile interiors. Peguform, an automotive supplier for interior and exterior components headquartered in Bötzingen, is using the material to manufacture speaker grilles for a mass-produced German automobile.

In addition to its high surface quality, which does not require painting, Terblend® N NM 21 EF (EF: excellent flow) can be colored in a variety of shades for automotive applications. The excellent flow characteristics of the improved grade make it easy to fill the fine structure of large speaker grilles, while the morphology of the resin ensures a uniformly matte surface.

When it came to achieving the necessary colors, the close cooperation with Peguform bore fruit: Thomas Weber, Project Manager for Interior Components at Peguform, explains: "The woofer, a very stable speaker optimized for low tones, presents significant challenges when processing the plastic for the grille. Moreover, by working with the experts from the designfabrik™ at BASF, we succeeded in coloring the Terblend® N resin at a very high quality in the many, sometimes unusual and challenging interior colors required by the automobile manufacturer.” The speakers are installed in the door panel.