BANGLADESH: Illegal polythene bags seized in Dhaka

When the mobile team of the DoE reached the factory named Zannati Super Packaging, all staff of the factory fled the scene.

Later, the mobile team also seized four blower machines, two cutting machines and more than 8,575 kg of plastic beads to be used for producing the illegal polythene bags.

Mustafizur Rahman, deputy director of DoE, said the team sealed the factory and issued a notice asking the factory owner to be present at the DoE office in Dhaka.

According the section VI (a) of Bangladesh Environment Conservation Law (amendment 2010), it is illegal to produce, use and market polythene bags thinner than 55 micron for packaging purpose.

But, some factories, mainly located in the old part of the capital, have been producing and selling polythene bags without permissions from the Department of Environment (DoE), said a DoE press release.

Source: "The Daily Star", Dhaka; 27 Feb 2013(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)