Costruzione Meccaniche Luigi Bandera S.p.A.


Bandera Spa presents its own lines of products at the K2010 exhibition.
- Complete coextrusion lines for thin foils and high thickness sheets (Flat die technology);
- Blown film lines for coextruded films;
- Extruders and complete lines for themoplastic pipes and PVC pelletizing.
Bandera will present in October/November 2010, during the International Fair in Duesseldorf K2010, in the Hall 17, the latest novelties of its own innovative program of production in the sectors film, foil/sheet, pipes and PVC pelletizing.
With regard to the blown film extrusion lines, there will be presented a new running complete 3-layer line for the production of multilayer film for technical flexible packaging (lamination film, shrink film, film for elastic hoods/stretch hood film. Of new conception, the line has characteristics of very high output and maximum quality of the extruded film in terms of least tolerances of thickness, distribution of layers, optic quality (transparency) and mechanical quality of the finished product. Single screw extruders size 100 (1) and 65 (2) mm diameter with die 400 mm diameter with cooling ring of new conception and double station winder. The line is projected to produce multilayer film with thickness from 20 to 200 micron on winding surface in net width from 1600 mm; output until over 600 Kg/hrs. System of supervision with integrated PC. During the fair it will be possible to discuss with technologists about the latest Bandera novelties in the blown film sector for the application in the agricultural films, biodegradable film, thick film for geomembrane.
With regard to the rigid foil extrusion lines there will be presented in production at a specific Open House held in Bandera in Busto Arsizio from 25/10 to 05/11 with completely assembled statics an innovative coextrusion line for 3-layer rigid foil through flat die head in rigid and expanded PET for thermoforming (food packaging) with productions over 1200 Kg/hrs. The line is equipped with the last version of corotating twin-screw extruders L/D 52 with effect of maximum purification of the melt, with horizontal special cooling and polishing calander with cross axing system to reach very thin thickness 120 micron for PET and 250 micron for PP on bands in net width up to 1350 mm. Outputs are over the 1200 Kg/hrs. The line presents an on-line lamination system of PE film and a revolver winder of last generation for fully automatic reel collection.System of supervision with integrated PC.During the Fair it will be also possible to discuss with technologists about the latest Bandera novelties in the sheet sector for middle/high thickness sheets for application of technical laminates in ABS/PMMA,HD.PE/HMWPE,PS,PP,TPO. For further information and booking the visit to the Open House: Mr Vito Di Bisceglie (+39.0331.398340).
With regard to the complete lines for the production of thermoplastic pipes at the booth there will be shown the new counter-rotating twin-screw extruder 2B 110 - 28 L/D for the production of rigid and expanded PVC pipes.
During the Fair it will be also possible to discuss with technologists about the latest Bandera novelties in the PVC,HD.PE,PE/ALUMINIUM,PA,PPR thermoplastic pipes sector and also concerning the tecnologies for steel pipe coating. For further information: Mr Emilio Del Re (+39.0331.398351).
The service to visit the Open House at Bandera factory will be available on request and booking directly by the fair stand or by phone to the +39.0331.398172 and it will be held among the hours 13.00 and the 16.00 of every day of the K2010 show (Sunday 31.10.10 excluded). The Bandera factory is easily reachable from International Milan Malpensa Airport (daily flights from Duesseldorf even for one day visit).