Avantium on track for 2016 launch of innovative PEF bottles

Avantium’s announcement several weeks ago that it had entered into a joint development agreement with ALPLA for the development of PEF bottles signaled that the company’s strategy of moving forward in partnership with the industry remains a guiding principle. PlasticsToday talked to Nathan Kemeling, director business development at Avantium, about the company’s countdown to 2016, when the first PEF bottles are targeted to reach the market.

PEF (polyethylene furanoate) is the next-generation biobased, recyclable polyester developed by Avantium on the basis of furanics technology. Kemeling: “In the transition to biobased materials, we think PEF holds the best cards to become the next commodity material for packaging applications.”

And Austrian blowmolding specialist ALPLA, or ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH to give the company its full name, is the leading manufacturer of packaging solutions in Western Europe. “According to ALPLA, everyone encounters an ALPLA product at least once a day,” said Kemeling. “It therefore made perfect sense to partner with them to develop the supply chain for PEF, as they already supply to all the major brand owners.”...

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