Automotive engineers see stronger regulations on the horizon, says DuPont-sponsored survey

With automotive regulations governing fuel economy and CO2 emissions being discussed globally, nearly half of automotive engineers predict those regulations will strengthen, according to a WardsAuto and DuPont (Wilmington, DE) survey conducted in July this year. Only eight percent predict regulations will relax, primarily due to economic and cost issues, and one-fourth expect no change, the results show.

The survey results also show the value for lightweighting vehicles to help meet targets is increasing, and that every system in the vehicle is a candidate for reduced mass.

"Fuel and emission standards throughout the world are driving significant changes in vehicle design," said DuPont Performance Polymers President Diane H. Gulyas. "There are multiple solutions simultaneously getting into the market and the industry must continue to work in harmony to develop low emission, fuel-efficient vehicles that consumers want to drive."

Now in its third year, the annual survey with WardsAuto was conducted as the European Union delayed a vote to adopt stringent 2020 emission regulations. This uncertainty, coupled with the mid-term evaluation process built into the 2017-2025 U.S. regulations, stimulated a survey asking subscribers to weigh in on the outcome and whether their companies are reacting to uncertainties. More than 1,300 subscribers to industry publication WardsAuto responded to the survey. Forty three percent say there are no changes, 36 percent say there are some or many changes in the development pipeline....

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