Automotive PC glazing gets a big push


Sabic's Innovative Plastics business has a major new weapon in its effort to commercialize polycarbonate glazing.

Sabic and Ulvac this morning announced availability of a new system for high-volume plasma coating of automotive PC glazing components. Developed as part of a two-year collaboration, the technology "marks a significant milestone in enabling automakers to take full advantage of PC glazing to create lighter vehicles for improved fuel efficiency and performance", according to the companies.

In another development in Sabic's glazing efforts, the rear quarter windows of the Citroen DS5--made with polycarbonate--are a finalist in the 2012 Society of Plastics Engineers' Automotive Innovation Awards and represents an advance, albeit a slow one, for polycarbonate as an automotive glazing material. Use of PC provides a 20% weight savings and a unique styling not possible with glass.
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