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Automatic Semi-Submerged Strand Pelletiser for Technical Thermoplasts ASP from EREMA

Automatic Strand Pelletiser ASP from EREMA
EREMA's ASP series of semi-submerged strand pelletisers satisfies these requirements in every respect. They give the user an extremely reliable and easy to operate method to pelletise low viscosity technoplasts such as PET and PA.

The key advantages are
● very easy start-up procedure (strands are self-feeding to pelletiser),
● and fully continuous processing without operator intervention even if a polymer strand breaks or if there is an interruption during operation

NEW: For processing of PET now available also with integrated strand pellet crystallisation

Technical advantages

● Extremely reliable and operator-friendly
● Fully automatic self-feeding if strand breaks occur
● Easy start-up with lowest possible material loss
● Cooling water removes fine particles and cutting dust
● Simple visual inspection of pellets on vibration table
● Rapid cleaning and maintenance (e.g. when changing over material) thanks to easily accessible components
● No start-up bypass valves necessary
● Produces cylindrical pellets (for PET optionally crystallised) with the same shape as virgin material (PET, PA), therefore excellent blending characteristics of repellets with virgin material
● Effective cooling of polymer strands through adjustable spray nozzles

Economic benefits
● Increased productivity of total plant by avoiding downtime caused by strand breaks
● Minimum personnel costs, no supervision required
● Minimised waste during start-up
● Reduced wear on tooling thanks to wet cutting
● Compact, space-saving design
● Energy-saving, for crystallisation of PET pellets no additional external energy required