Auto business drives PRISM Plastics to add six new Toshiba injection molding machines

PRISM Plastics (Port Huron, MI) is investing $2 million in Toshiba injection molding machines, adding four presses to its plant in Chesterfield, MI and two in Harlingen, TX. The move will boost capacity by 20% and give the company a total of 31 injection molding machines with a tonnage range of 65 to 390 tons.

PRISM will add 4 employees over the next six months, "as these new machines and new projects get up and running," a company spokesperson told PlasticsToday, noting that the automotive rebound has been a big driver for its investments.

"PRISM's work is primarily automotive, so the global uptick in car sales has been a significant driver of new business," the spokesperson said. "We also added a new steering component contract earlier this year with Nexteer that has been a strong addition for us."...

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