Aussie injection molder, Austrian machinery and German mold combine for pipe fittings at China-beating cost


With the molding machines in its stable, injection molding processor Technical Moulders Australia already has been supplying upwards of two million parts per day to one of its major customers, sanitary and building equipment supplier Reliance Worldwide. For a new project, the processor's longtime primary injection molding machine supplier, Engel, supplied not only the machine and the automation but also undertook project planning for the mold as general contractor. The project is for molding of a range of Reliance's newly designed pipe end pieces.

By having Engel (Schwertberg, Austria) take on the complete delivery and installation, the processor and its customer both realized some advantages, they say. "Having a single point of contact for everything from the injection molding machine and automation to the mold was important to us," commented Jeremy Gledhill, senior project engineer, plastics at Reliance Worldwide. "By cutting down on the number of interfaces, we were able to save time and minimize the risk of errors." He added, "We have been able to simplify the overall process by taking an holistic view, and as a result, we are in a position to carry out production in Australia more cost-effectively than our competitors in China."...
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