Athena: Robert Schad returns to injection molding

"I don't like to build what people want; I like to build what they need," Robert Schad told PlasticsToday upon the public debut of his new hybrid molding machine company, Athena Automation (Toronto, ON), at an open house coinciding with the recent Plast-Ex 2013 show (May 14-16; Toronto, ON).

Most anyone in the plastics processing industry will recognize the name of the iconoclastic founder of Husky Injection Molding Systems, which the German-born Schad built into one of plastics' most dominant injection molding machine makers, especially in the PET preform and closures market.

If Schad sounds a bit like Apple's Steve Jobs he has good reason. The visionary, no-nonsense leader recognized the virtues of vertical integration early on, meaning Husky not only made injection molding machines, but also molds, hot runners, robots, and auxiliaries. ...

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