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At K 2010, Conair Shows Single-Stage Drying System Featuring Advanced Siemens-Based Control; Other Drying, Blending, Loading Solutions on Display

The world’s leading supplier of resin dryers, Conair has expanded its drying product line to include the new ES-1 single-stage desiccant drying system that offers advanced control and energy-saving features. Visitors to the Conair booth (Hall 10, E06) at K 2010 will be able to see a demonstration of the Siemens version of the advanced ES-1 dryer control, which automatically optimizes drying conditions, saving energy and helping processors make high-quality finished products more efficiently.

Conair is also exhibiting a mobile drying/conveying system and a TrueBlend™ gravimetric blender, which is fitted with two Access™ loaders and ELC loading controls. The K 2010 plastics show runs from October 27 to November 3 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The EnergySmart™ Single-Stage ES-1 system was developed for processors of PET and other polymers that require high drying temperatures, applications in which throughput varies and where electrical costs are high. It takes advantage of technology perfected in the original two-stage EnergySmart system and applies it to a less-costly single-stage dryer configuration. The dryers can handle resin throughputs between 400 lbs/hr and 5000 lbs/hr (182 kg/hr and 2273 kg/hr).

The Siemens-based control tends to be preferred in Europe and other international markets, while an Allen-Bradley platform is more often specified in North America. In either configuration, the same Conair technologies are used to slash energy waste and provide a higher degree of control over the drying process. In Optimizer™ Mode, the TouchView™ dryer control uses information gathered by a Conair Drying Monitor™ and regulates air temperature, dew point and air flow. Just enough heat energy is added to the bed of material in the drying hopper to maintain an optimum temperature profile. Too much air flow will result in wasted energy; too little air flow will result in poor drying performance. Once the proper conditions are established, they can be locked in with the touch of a finger. The controls maintain a stable temperature within the drying hopper regardless of throughput changes or variations in material temperature or ambient conditions. Settings can also be memorized for instant recall.

“It’s like cruise control on a car,” explains Jamie Jamison, Global PET/Packaging General Manager, Conair. “Once you’ve established the right conditions, you simply touch the control screen and Optimizer Mode takes over. It’s just that simple and easy.”

Mobile Drying/Conveying System
Also on display at K 2010 is a Conair MDCW-15 mobile drying and conveying system. The MDCW integrates an efficient Carousel™ Plus dryer with a conveying blower, dust collector and direct-feed vacuum receiver – all on a convenient safe, caster-mounted cart. It eliminates the need for machine-mounted hoppers and gives users drying capacity wherever and whenever it is needed. The unit on display includes advanced DC-2 (HY package) controls, an integral hopper loader to allow the MDCW to load itself, and a direct-feed vacuum receiver for dry-air conveying to the throat of the processing machine.

Blenders and Loaders
At K2010, Conair is also showing a cutaway version of a TB-45 gravimetric blender. Visitors can see the design features that allow TrueBlend™ blenders to deliver accurate blends, better mixing and faster material changes, while the fully enclosed cabinet design ensures no pellet spillage and clean operation.

The blender is fitted with two Access™ loaders, which incorporate the unique angled hopper to make them easier to clean and maintain and an oversized discharge opening to prevent material bridging. ELC vacuum loading system controls provide precise digital accuracy and repeatability. The ELC units install and power up in minutes, giving users access to basic loader functions through a standard display, or the ability to add and adjust functions with an optional ControlMate pendant.

The Conair Group (www.conairgroup.com) is the world’s leading supplier of auxiliary equipment for plastics processors, including resin drying systems, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, temperature-control equipment and granulators. Extrusion solutions include line-control systems, film and sheet scrap-reclaim systems and downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion. Over 450 individual products solve problems, save energy, cut waste and are easy to use. With long-standing operations in Europe, Asia and South America, Conair is also an international company. More than 300 employees worldwide bring together 50 years of manufacturing experience and youthful creativity to break down barriers to innovation and harness new technology to give customers meaningful, bottom line benefits. The industry’s most complete product line, top-flight engineering and unbeatable service, all combine to give processors the confidence they need to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.