At K2013, Bayer shows how (green) dreams can come true

"What really drives humanity?" asked Patrick Thomas, CEO Bayer MaterialScience at a recent conference in Leverkusen, Germany, before answering his own question: "It's dreaming."

At BayerMaterialScience, they're not not afraid to dream. "That's what this year's K Show is about," said Thomas. "We want to show not only what has become of the dreams we dreamed three years ago, at K2010, but also what the new dreams are today, built around the three broad themes of safety, freedom, and happiness."

Three years ago, the idea of the Solar Impulse, the long-range solar powered aircraft project in which BayerMaterial Science is participating, flying across the United States was an inspired idea. "Today, that's exactly what this plane is doing," said Thomas, "and the dream is now to circumnavigate the world." He called the Solar Impulse a 'flying laboratory' to test ideas.

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