Ask the Extrusion Expert: You pose questions, the Extrusion Expert answers


We're proud that Allan Griff, independent consulting engineer and plastics extrusion expert, agreed last year to be the host of our Extrusion Expert webinar series. The series has been a phenomenal success measured on audience attendance, participation and comments, as processors from throughout the world have benefited from Allan's wry and insightful look at their most vexing challenges, and the solutions he has learned in more than 40 years of extrusion.

Given that, we are doubly pleased that Allan has agreed to author a weekly column here at PlasticsToday. The formula is simple: readers send questions; Allan chooses the best or most intriguing and answers them. He is much too modest to do so but I nevertheless have given his column the straightforward name "Ask the Extrusion Expert."

Will he answer every question sent? He shouldn't; Allan is an independent consultant and earns his living solving plastics processors' problems. But we still encourage your questions and, knowing Allan and how much he loves helping others who share his passion for plastics, he will answer more than is probably good for business. We will not publish your name or company name unless you expressly ask us to do so, but also will not accept anonymous questions as this opens the opportunity for a supplier to send a "baiting" question for which the answer might highlight his products.
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