Asian tooling: Do you know what you're getting?


While OEMs continue to push their molders and moldmakers to buy tooling from Asian sources, some in the moldmaking industry have found that it just doesn’t pay.

When OEMs ask Industrial Molds Group (Rockford, IL) to explore Asian sources for tooling, telling Tim Peterson that the molds are "the same" as those Industrial Molds builds, Peterson knows first-hand that's just not true. Recently, he had a customer bring in a Chinese-made mold in which the core had broken. The core had been spec'd to be made of P-20 steel, yet after only four months of running production volume, it broke.

"That just didn't seem possible," says Peterson, who is VP of Industrial Molds. "The first thing we did was to send a sample of the core to Atrona Material Testing Laboratory to be evaluated with an optical emission spectrometer to perform the chemistry in accordance with ASTM E415."...
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