Arnon commissions new Welex V-PET sheet line, doubles capacity

Arnon Plastic Industries Co. Ltd. was established in Saudi Arabia in 1999 to produce PE rolls and sheets for the construction industry as well as PS and PET food trays and containers. Arnon commenced production in 2000 and, today, manufactures its products in three facilities in Dammam.

"We commissioned our first Welex line in 2002, which was lost in a fire that consumed our plant in 2004," said Arnon Managing Director Majed Alsulaim. "We replaced that line in 2005," he added. In subsequent years, Arnon's business grew, requiring additional capacity. In 2013, the company ordered an additional Welex line with twice the capacity of the original. This latest line, commissioned in January 2014, features tandem 130mm extruders to process PET, PP, and HIPS sheet with several features:

- V-PET vented single-screw extruders which include high vacuum moisture evacuation pumps enabling high quality PET sheet production without the need of recrystallizing or pre-drying

- Polyside enabled for two-color striped sheet production for clamshell packaging with colored bases and clear lids

- Tandem, fully automatic transfer turret winders featuring automatic roll removal

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